Roof Maintenance

Board approves Project to repair Foam Roof

Cost: $19,600

Contractor: SPF ROOF -

Manufacturer: Gaco Western -
Manufacturer contact: Bill Bradley This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Date: Summer 20012


U.S. Foam, The company that did the roof few years ago, did not use the material required. It also went out of business. It appears that the material used is acrylic and not Neoguard. This is what’s causing the coat coming off or disintegrating in many areas of the roof.

SPF Roofing was selected by the Board to Repair the foam roof before it deteriorates.

SPF suggested covering the roof with Urethane Foam/Gaco Flex Silicone and it's covered with 20 years warranty under Gaco Western.

No special assessment is foreseen at this time.


Custom Cable Corp to provide Dish Network and High Speed Internet Service to Penn Manor

The Board agreed to enter into a 5 year contract with Custom Cable Corp to provide Dish Network Service (TOP 200 channel package) and HIgh Speed Internet Service (10 MB) to Penn Manor.

The cost per unit for this service will be $48.00 per month. 

The Board approved unanimously the proposal based on the following advantages:

  • $0 cost for installation
  • Low Cost for Service
  • Will provide access to Dish Network for all residents in Penn Manor.  Currently only residents in the west side are able to obtain the signal.
  • High Speed Fiber Optic Internet Service. 1 modem per unit.
  • Removal of all dishes in balconies will improve overall look of the building
  • Wifi Service will be available for all common areas
  • TV connection to be installed in lobby
  • 4 Dishes to be installed in Roof on the side of the columns which will help prevent loss of signal.  
  • Flexibility - Unit owners and renters are able to upgrade their package individually.

More details will be provided in the coming days.

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